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Packaging plays a very important role in the safe transportation of bromine

Sources:JiangSu World Chemical | PublishDate:2021.07.26

       Bromine has a strong volatility, so when stored in a container, it is easy to volatilize, and the vapor is corrosive, has a unique suffocation odor and tearing effect, so when bromine is used, it must be done Good preventive effect to prevent volatilization.

  After bromine volatilizes, it will cause great harm to human hands, eyes, nose and mouth, etc. Therefore, individuals who handle bromine must be protected and personally protected. The hazards are mastered skillfully to avoid human poisoning.

  The packaging of bromine is not only a means to protect the quality of the product and the quantity is complete, but also one of the important measures to prevent catastrophic accidents such as fire and corrosion during storage and transportation, and is the basis for safe storage and transportation. From the perspective of accidents in the transportation of bromine, the rate of accidents due to packaging problems is relatively high.

  The packaging container is not strong enough. Bromine has to go through many loading and unloading and short-distance handling operations from the producer to the user. During the operation, falling from a height, collision, etc. may occur, which may cause the packaging container to be impacted by external force, or even rupture, causing accidents. For example, during manual loading and unloading, the height of the hand-carried porcelain altar is about 40era, and the impact force when falling will have a greater impact on the porcelain altar. In addition, mechanical loading and unloading and handling methods will also have a large external force acting on the packaging container, so the design and production of bromine packaging must fully consider various unfavorable factors to improve its stress intensity.

  Packaging bromine liner pad material improper selection. The use of appropriate packaging liner materials is very important to alleviate collisions, frictions and vibrations between items and between items and vehicles and loading and unloading machinery. It can not only effectively prevent packaging damage, but also prevent accidental leakage of bromine. It has a certain adsorption effect to prevent the volatilization and leakage of bromine. Jiangsu World Chemical Co., Ltd. focuses on the bromine chemical market. With bromine as the main raw material, it integrates scientific research, production and trade. It mainly produces inorganic bromide, bromate and organic bromine products, with an annual output of 20,600 tons, and storage and operation. Water treatment chemicals. The company has a total investment of 200 million yuan and fixed assets of 150 million yuan. It covers an area of more than 47,000 square meters and a building area of more than 28,000 square meters. Welcome to inquire about related products.